A Dream Come True

short story
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This story is about a boy who wants to help his father in his work as a scientist

Vroom! ‘Why are we going to Los Angeles Dad?’

‘We are going so that I can have a better place to work Jack.’ Dad started to feel something was wrong the same way a farmer feels a rainstorm is coming. ‘Don`t worry Jack, your cousin Bill lives there, I am sure you will have a great time.’

‘I hope so,’ said Jack under his breath. He is in a plane from New York to Los Angeles. He picked up his bag, put his hand inside, dug around and carefully took out his pet mouse Daniel. He cut off some Swiss cheese from his sandwich and gave it to Daniel, ‘Here’ he whispered.

When Jack and his dad reached the airport, they made their passport check, got their suitcases and went to a taxi. After an hour or so, they reached Jacks cousin Bills house

‘We will be living here until I get enough money to buy a house’ said dad.

‘Hi Jack!’ Jack looked around, it was Bill

‘Oh, hi.’ He said

‘Want to explore?’ Bill asked hopefully

‘OK,’ said jack after 15 seconds

Jack is a smart kid with lots of curiosity. His father is a chemist but he does not have enough money to buy lab materials, he only has different types of earth rocks. Everybody said Jack always looks like his grandfather just because he was a little taller than kids his age and his blue eyes. But Jack had black hair while his grandfather had brown. Jack hates seeing his father or Bill being sad, but he loves curiosity. He usually gets top grades on his tests. But he is allergic to dust and has a phobia of snakes.

As you know, Jacks dad is a chemist. He had about $500000 back then, but now he used about 1000 for the flight to L.A., and $380000 for a house and the rest are for products and services. Whenever Jacks dad loses money, he does not want Jack to figure it out, because it will give Jack a hanging head. And it will also make Jacks father stomach flip.

But here is the big one, the one that made Jacks dad have butterflies in his stomach, the one that took tiny tired fingers from dad: he does not have enough money to buy stuff for a lab! It made dads eyes pop right out of his face. It made Jacks dad run around the house for about 10 minutes, he almost stepped on Daniel, he almost pushed Bill away from him, he almost made Jack tumble Tig the stuffed tiger(And jack himself at the stairs

‘That’s it!’ Shouted Bill

‘What is wrong with you dad?’ asked Jack

‘Well…’ answered Jacks dad

‘Squeak, Squeak!’ squeaked Daniel

‘I do not have enough money to buy stuff for my lab’ said dad swiftly

‘Hello? Hello?’ said a voice it was Bills

‘What just happened?’ asked Jack unconsciously

‘When I told you the `problem`, you fell down,’ said dad

‘What was the problem again?’ asked Jack

‘I don’t have enough money to b-‘

‘Enough said dad.’ Said Jack lazily

‘Wait a sec. I got an ultra amazing idea!’ Exclaimed Bill ‘Can you guess?’ Jack can tell he is feeling giggly.

‘We are going to make a lemonade stand?’ asked Jack sarcastically

‘No’ said Bill’ ‘I will only tell you when the reader reads the next page.

So Bill said in his loudest voice ‘we are going to make a lemonade stand!’ he said it so loud that Daniel started running like crazy.

‘Amazing idea’, said Jack sarcastically ‘I am so glad you thought of it’.

After two days, Jack and Bill went to the store and bought some lemons, crayons and boxes for the stand. After three hours or so, they put up their stand and started selling.

‘Good thing it is summer’ whispered Jack ‘or we wouldn’t have a single customer’. Jack and Bill had about fifty customers and seventy five dollars. One lemonade cup is 1 dollar, and add fifty cents if you want a biscuit with it.

Twenty five more customers came, bought Lemonade (and biscuits).

‘One hundred fifty bucks’ shouted Bill ‘AMAZING!’

‘C’mon Bill, we need to go to the science store,’ said Jack.

‘Coming’ groaned Bill.

They went inside the store; it was filled with skeletons, test tubes, microscopes and many other things Jack did not know about.

‘Good evening,’ said the manager.

‘Good evening,’ replied Bill and Jack. ‘We want to buy a few test tubes, 2 flasks, 2 measuring cylinders and a test tube holder please.’

‘Fifty Dollars,’ answered the man.

Jack took his back pack and reached for fifty bucks, then gave it to the manager. The manager gave him the material in a bag.

Halfway through the main road, Jack remembered ‘we forgot to buy a microscope and a spectroscope!’They ran to the store as fast as they can, it was almost six o’clock when they reached the store and it was about to close!

‘We need a microscope and a sp…spectos…cope!’ shouted Jack gasping.

‘Seventy Five Dollars,’ said the manager calmly. He acted as if it was a normal day.

Jack gave him the money, got the apparatus and ran home as fast as he can.

The next day, Jack woke up and gave dad the material. After ten days was payback time. Jack’s dad discovered a new element and named it Jackton (J), which made him and Jack win the Nobel Prize because it was the first element that had the letter J in it.

‘Hey,’ said Bill, ‘you know why we won the Nobel Prize?’ ‘It is because you have no bell in your house!’

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